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Within our services, our trucks are our most valued possessions.  They are what we rely on to do the work that we do.  Here we would like to mention each of them and let everyone see why they are so important and valuable to us.

Engine 62

This truck has had many hours of planning put into it.  Planning to the point where every inch of it was designed and thought through before it was even built.  Each compartment holds specific tools and items that were designed to better us in our response and actions.  This truck is our first truck out of the building on every call and contains vital equipment that can be used in numerous emergencies.  One of the most important tools on this truck is the HURST tool, as better known as the Jaws of Life.  This is one of the most important tools that we have added to our arsenal.

Tanker 6

This truck is our pride and joy.  Carrying 4,500 gallons of water, this tanker not only carries the most water in town, but carries the most water in the state.  This truck is vital to the back country as we serve an area that has limited water sources.  This truck carries what firefighters know as a portable pond.  This allows us to dump the water on the tanker into a ‘pond’ on scene so that the water can be used as the tanker is out to go get more and bring it back.   This is important especially for the bigger fires in which we need more water to put it out.

Engine 61

This truck is known as our water source truck.  It is generally the second truck out of the station and will pick up a water location that is suitable for the fire scene.  This truck can easily draft from lakes and ponds by the use of dry-hydrants.  With this truck we can easily supply the tanker or the fire scene itself with the necessary water, needed to put the fires out.

Squad 6

This truck replaced the old Patrol 6 a number of years ago. This truck was designed to be a light rescue and brush truck.  This truck contains a majority of our traffic control equipment for accidents and cases where there are trees and other debris across a roadway.  This truck also contains two water pumps that allow us to draw water from a lake or pond without the use of a dry hydrant.  This truck was also custom designed, and was planned so that it can be used in a natural disaster scenario. The truck has its own generator as well as portable generators.  The truck is also fitted with a 9 foot plow for the winter, and a winch that can be used for many different things.

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