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Round Hill Volunteer Fire Company (“RHVFC”) was formed in October of 1948 as a 501(4)c non-profit company, by a group of estate owners and workers who lived in back country of Greenwich and wanted to reduce the extended response times of downtown units to their area.    The company’s first  truck was a used 1924 pumper that was dubbed “Old Smokey”, which was housed in an old barn located on the corner of Round Hill and Old Mill roads. “Old Smokey” was put into service and over the years saw quite a bit of action while working side by side with the units from downtown.

The company made its first new purchase of a fire engine in 1953 to upgrade the 29 year old pumper and needed a better place to house the equipment.  So just a few years later, in 1957,  the old barn was torn down and the first 3 bays of the company’s first real firehouse was built.  This is the current building still in use today!   

From there RHVFC expanded its fleet with a 1969 pumper with a diesel engine, a first in Greenwich.    Also within its fleet, was an old 1971 oil truck, which was converted into the town’s first tanker to carry water.  It has also been a first within Greenwich, as there were only a few hydrants outside of the downtown service area. With the expansion in services, and the ever changing nature of the fire service, the department found itself putting on an additional fourth bay to house in 1972. 

Out of the six volunteer departments, RHVFC is proud to say that they were the first in the town of Greenwich to have a female member, who later went on to be a pump operator, and eventually an officer.   At present, Round Hill remains an all-volunteer company, whereas the other companies work as a combination of volunteer and full-time Greenwich Fire Department (“GFD”) staff.  

Our Fire Company’s Motto, “First In the Back Country” explains the value we bring to our community, today!   Working in concert with the professional GFD firefighters we exclusively serve the back country, aiming to be the first responders on scene for calls in our area.  For emergencies like hurricane Sandy we also provide much needed local presence when there are simply too many back country calls for the GFD to handle all at once.  

We are exclusively a Volunteer company so we need your support today!  Please consider volunteering or donating to help our fire company serve our community in the years ahead! 


Line Officers:

Chief: Rick Strain

Assistant Chief: Sharon Strain 

Assistant Chief: Robert Wilson, Jr.

Company Officers:

President: John Lipman

Vice President: Thomas Scott

Secretary: Linda Strain

Treasurer: Andre Haroche